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How to Make a Media Announcement after You Close Your M&A Deal

By Bill Snow

Just because the M&A deal is closed and employees have been informed doesn’t mean all the work is done. You need to announce the deal to the rest of the world. And in most cases, both Buyer and Seller have to continue to interact with each other on some level for some period of time after the close.

After the deal closes, the sale can become public information. Usually, the Buyer controls news releases; in fact, the purchase agreement may define how to disseminate the information to the media.

Refer to the purchase agreement and any confidentiality clauses that may prohibit you from speaking about the deal. Speak with your attorney if you are uncertain about what you can and can’t say about the deal.

Typically, Buyer decides how much information to release to the media. Private companies making acquisitions of other private companies usually don’t furnish the media with specifics such as revenues, profits, and price paid. Executives with public companies should consult with their advisors before making any written or oral public statements about the deal.

Announcing an acquisition can be a great way for a company to garner some free publicity.