Buying a Bar? 11 Questions for the Alcohol Control Board

By Ray Foley, Heather Dismore

Part of Running a Bar For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re interested in running a bar, you have to get to know your alcohol control board so you know what you can and can’t do when it comes to serving alcoholic beverages. Keep this list of questions on hand so you’ll know the important things to ask your state alcohol control board representative while shopping for your bar or bar location:

  • Can I open on Sundays? What time?

  • Can I serve food? Do I have to serve food?

  • Do I need another license for food? What’s the fee?

  • Do I need another license for music? What’s the fee?

  • What, if any, licenses do my employees need?

  • How many licenses are issued in the town?

  • What are the grounds for license revocation?

  • What are the restrictions on my hours of operation?

  • What are the smoking laws I must abide by?

  • What kind of liquor license do I need? What’s the fee? How often do I renew it?

  • Where do I display the liquor license in my bar?