How to Find Pockets of Competitive Intelligence Need in a Business - dummies

How to Find Pockets of Competitive Intelligence Need in a Business

By James D. Underwood

Like any customer, your competitive intelligence customers may not know what they need until you tell them. As a perceptive, intuitive CI professional, you should be well qualified to identify needs. Here are some suggestions to increase your exposure and make you more sensitive to your organization’s needs:

  • Spend time walking around the organization. Walking around an organization often enables you to see the big picture, make observations that lead to insights, and speak with people who are on the front lines.

  • Ask questions. As a CI professional, you should be naturally curious. Satisfy that curiosity by asking questions.

  • Be a good listener. Get to know everyone in the organization by listening to what they have to say. Find out what they struggle with at work on a daily basis. What concerns do they have? Ask if they have any ideas for improving the company or their department or a certain product or service.

  • Collaborate with department heads to develop a needs map of the entire organization by functional or departmental area. Managing the needs map puts you in the position of intelligence broker to decision makers throughout the organization.

  • Help different departments gain insight into trends they observe. Often, internal analytics pick up product trends based on sales of specific products or product areas. As experts in intelligence, you can become the research arm for helping departments find the reasons behind those trends.