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How to Convince Business Managers to Execute Competitive Intelligence Results

By James D. Underwood

Most competitive intelligence (CI) models end with analysis, but you should consider that to be only step 3 of 4. If you’re part of the CI team, you should approach your job as though it ends with action. After all, if the intelligence isn’t put into action, it hasn’t achieved its goal.

Of course, you can’t force a manager or executive to implement a recommended course of action, but you can and should present the intelligence as convincingly as possible to prompt the necessary action. Following are some strategies to clear the path between analysis and execution:

  • Involve everyone in the CI process from beginning to end. Involving everyone in CI improves intelligence and makes everybody more receptive to the analysis and recommended changes.

  • Recruit high-level sponsors. When your organization’s leaders believe in the value of CI, they’ll promote CI to the rest of the organization and become more receptive to CI’s insight and advice.

  • Evaluate the learning styles of your organization’s leaders. Some people may prefer printed reports, whereas others find multimedia presentations more convincing. By catering to each leader’s preferred learning style, you increase your chances of having your presentation be understood and accepted.

  • Be confident. If you’re recommending a certain course of action, don’t waffle. Convince yourself first so you can confidently recommend a course of action. If you’re not convinced, ask more questions and gather and analyze additional information to reveal more clearly the best course of action, but don’t recommend moving forward until you answer all the relevant questions to increase your own confidence in making the recommendation.

  • Produce quality reports and presentations. Present your information and intelligence professionally so your audience will take it seriously.