Appraising Records and Managing Retention Scheduling - dummies

Appraising Records and Managing Retention Scheduling

By Blake Richardson, CRM

Part of Records Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A fundamental part of a successful records and information management program is identifying what records and information your company possesses and then applying appropriate retention periods.

  • Records appraisal. There are different methods for appraising your records and information, including inventories, interviews, and questionnaires. Picking the right appraisal method for your organization is important. The appraisal allows you to identify what records and information the organization possesses and forms the basis for your company’s record retention schedule.

  • Retention schedule. The retention schedule is typically the most referenced records management program document. It allows employees to determine how long they should keep their records and information. Records Management For Dummies addresses three distinct retention schedule methods: departmental, functional, and big bucket.