9 Strategies for Exerting Your Expertise - dummies

9 Strategies for Exerting Your Expertise

By Richard Pettinger

Part of Competitive Strategy For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Expertise means knowing and understanding everything possible about a particular subject area. Expertise is also a source of power and influence, and in order to ‘get on’ you need to exert yours. Here are nine strategies for doing just that:

  • Your expertise includes having, fostering and developing the right attitudes.

  • Set the standards that you expect from all your staff and enforce them.

  • If you want people to work in particular ways, then train them.

  • If something is wrong, put it right.

  • If you lack particular expertise, go out and find it.

  • Make sure that you always have a fresh flow of expertise and ideas coming into your organisation.

  • When staff and others come to you with new ideas, listen to them and evaluate them.

  • Encourage everyone to continue to learn and develop at all times.

  • Ensure that everyone takes up some part of staff training and development programmes.