How to Use the Billing Assistant in Sage Timeslips - dummies

How to Use the Billing Assistant in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

You can use Billing Assistant to review and change information in Sage Timeslips. From the Billing Assistant window, you can view one client at a time or all clients Timeslips thinks you should bill because the database contains information for those clients entered since the last time you produced bills.

To open the Billing Assistant window, choose Bills→Billing Assistant. The first time you open Billing Assistant, Timeslips prompts you to select a default view for the window. You can view one client at a time (the Single Client option) or you can view a list of clients. Timeslips uses a rule you establish to identify and display the clients that appear in the list.


To view the details behind the Bill Overview information, click the Go to Billing Details button at the top of the Billing Assistant window. The Billing Details window appears.


Click the Back to Overview button, at the top of the Billing Assistant window, to redisplay the overview information.

To view a list of clients based on a rule you establish, click the View a List of Clients link in the lower-right corner. Timeslips displays a list of your clients; the current rule that Timeslips is using to determine the clients to display appears just above the list. To change the rule — and potentially display a different list of clients — click the Change Billing Rule button.


To preview the bill on-screen for the selected client from either list view or single client view, make sure the following settings appear in the lower-left corner of the window:

  • Select the Generate Bills option (if you select Pre-Bill Worksheet, Timeslips displays the Pre-bill Worksheet report for the client).

  • Select Display from the list to the right of the Generate Bills and Pre-Bill Worksheet options.

The Generate Bills button (not the option) and the Pre-Bill Worksheet button (again, not the option) give you control over filtering and sorting functionality. If you use the options (not the buttons), Timeslips uses default settings (all slips, sorted by Slip Date and Slip Transaction ID Number) to sort and filter information that appears on the bill.

Typically, you use the buttons only when you’re billing or printing worksheets for multiple clients.

Click the Print button, and Timeslips displays the same Print Preview (Generate Bills) window. You make changes to an entry on the bill by clicking it to display that entry in the window in which the entry was created. After you finish making changes in the originating window, clicking Save on the toolbar redisplays the bill in the Print Preview (Generate Bills) window, along with the updated entry.

When you finish editing one client, click Done and move on to the next client by selecting that client using the controls at the top of the Billing Assistant window.