How to Set Up the Client Project Feature in Sage Timeslips - dummies

How to Set Up the Client Project Feature in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

The Client Project feature of Sage Timeslips is a feature you can use to manage multiple clients on a project. Using the Client Project feature, you can

  • Establish different bill arrangements for each project

  • Set up different client budgets for each project

  • Apply payments to each project

  • Track separate accounts receivable balances and client funds balances

But the Client Project feature offers one additional benefit that you don’t get if you use the first method: the opportunity to consolidate information from different matters on bills and reports. The only end-result difference between these two methods is the capability to produce consolidated information.

You see a sample of the project billing summary you can produce when you set up clients and projects using the Client Project feature. This summary appears at the end of the consolidated bill.


Now let’s look at the first invoice and the second invoice, respectively, of a consolidated bill for two projects for the North Lake Consulting company. The consolidated bill lists the client’s name and address only once, at the top of the first bill.


Charges for each project appear on the consolidated bill separated by an invoice number, and information from the In Reference To field. By default, projects don’t start on a new page, but you can change that setting in the bill layout you use


You can use the Client Project feature without preparing a consolidated bill; that is, you can bill for each project individually. Your choice between method 1 and method 2 should be based on your need to consolidate information.

You can use the Client Project feature selectively. In other words, you can treat some clients as Client Project clients and others as regular clients.

When you create the nicknames for clients with projects, you’ll need to use a two-part nickname separated by a character not likely to be a part of any client name, such as an underscore. You make the first part of the nickname consistent for the client and the second part representative of the project. Nicknames might look something like this:

  • Smith_Estate

  • Smith_Lawsuit

  • Smith_Divorce

In addition, as you set up clients with projects, you need to establish one client as the master client. Timeslips can copy information from the master client to the project clients, making setup quick and easy for you.

To use the Client Project feature, you need to establish the separator you intend to use in the nickname to distinguish clients with projects from clients without projects, and you need to identify the information Timeslips will take from the master client and automatically apply to the project clients. Take these steps before you set up clients and projects:

  1. Choose Setup→General.

    The General Settings dialog box appears.

  2. On the left, click Nicknames.

  3. Open the Project Separator list and choose the character you want to use to separate the first part of the nickname from the second part.

    Be sure to select a character that will not appear as part of any client’s nickname other than when you use it to establish a Client Project nickname.


  4. On the left side of the dialog box, click New Names.

  5. In the Clients section, select the fields you want Timeslips to copy from a master client to a project client.

    You’re can safely copy address information without any unexpected consequences. Choosing to copy other fields depends on the differences you need to establish between the master client and the various projects.

  6. Click OK to save your changes.


When you set up a client with multiple projects, set up the master project first and use the Client Project naming convention for nickname 1. Also fill in the address information as you want it to appear on the bill and, in the Status section, make sure that you select the Master Client check box. Then, save the master client.


Now you’re ready to create a project client. After saving the master client, click the New (plus sign) button on the toolbar along the right side of the window and create a project. Instead of typing the client nickname, type the project separator.

Timeslips automatically enters the first part of the Master Client’s nickname — the part to the left of the project separator — in the Nickname 1 field. You fill in the right side of the nickname to make the nickname unique.

To make Timeslips fill in the left side of the correct client, open the master client before you click the New (plus sign) button on the toolbar. Timeslips assumes that you want to set up a new project for that master client. You can identify master clients easily in the Client List window because an M appears beside them.

Click the Apply Defaults button, and Timeslips automatically fills in information for the project client based on the settings you established in the General Settings dialog box. You’re free to make any changes you want — for example, you might want to change the text that appears in the In Reference To field — and then save the project.