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Doodle Dogs For Dummies

By: Miriam Fields-Babineau Published: 10-19-2021

Fall in love with a Doodle Dog! This guide tells you everything you need to know about this popular cross-breed.

With their cute names and curly coats, Doodles have become popular pets. And why not? They’re more than just cute—they’re generally affectionate, playful, and highly trainable dogs. They also don’t shed much, so they’ll ideal for people with pet allergies. In other words, a perfect family companion!

If you don’t know exactly what a Doodle is, they’re a cross breed of a poodle with another kind of dog; think Labradoodles (Labrador and poodle), Aussiedoodles (Australian shepherd and poodle), Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever and poodle), or Sheepadoodles (English Sheepdog and poodle). You get the idea. The possibilities are endless and no matter the crossbreed, they all live in the cuteness zone.

If you don’t want to resist—and who can?—Doodle Dogs For Dummies is the ultimate guide on all things Doodles. You’ll find helpful information within its pages whether you’re just considering a Doodle, or you’ve already brought one home.

  • Learn how to identify breeds
  • Find the Doodle that's best for your family
  • Pick a breeder or go the animal shelter route
  • Keep your Doodle looking their best with proper grooming
  • Acclimate your Doodle to your home, including to other pets
  • Get expert tips on training and healthy treats for your Doodle

From long walks on sunny days to cuddling on the couch, you have a lot of quality time to look forward to with your furry best friend. And Doodle Dogs For Dummies will ensure that your Doodle is happy and healthy for their lifetime.

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Doodles are very popular dogs, which means there are reputable breeders, committed to producing the healthiest dogs possible, and then there are breeders looking to make a quick buck. You need to know how to spot the difference so you can find the right dog for you. When faced with a lapful of adorable puppies, you may want to take all of them home with you, but doing a simple temperament test will help you find a dog who’ll settle in to your family with ease. Finally, you need to stock up on supplies before you bring home a new dog — knowing what to buy and where to shop will allow you to focus on your puppy, not all the stuff you forgot to buy. Photo by April Walker on Unsplash

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