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Military Transition For Dummies

By: Angie Papple Johnston Published: 09-15-2021

All the things you need to know when you’re putting the military in your rear view 

In Military Transition For Dummies, you’ll talk a walk through how to transition from active military service to civilian life as smoothly and easily as possible. You’ll discover how to make the nuts-and-bolts changes to reach your potential in your new lifestyle. From finding a job you love to navigating educational opportunities and keeping yourself mentally strong, this vital book shows you how to: 

  • Find your next career, including how to write an effective resume and conduct a thorough job search 
  • Protect your mental and physical well-being by seeking out and accessing the supports you want and need 
  • Manage your money and make the financial adjustments that are necessary for succeeding in the civilian world 

Perfect for active service members who are expecting to transition out of the military in the near future, Military Transition For Dummies is also ideal for anyone who’s recently left the service and hopes to make the most of their new life. 

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