Self-Esteem For Dummies Resource Center

This audio resource center is an interactive addition to Self-Esteem For Dummies, with bonus material created to help you better understand the concepts and techniques from the book. You can navigate to your desired audio track by selecting individual tracks in the content menu. Narration by Vivian Harte, music by Soundings of the Planet.

Please note that the audio tracks do not feature any video, so the player will display a blank screen while playing. If you would like to download the audio tracks for offline playing, use the Download links provided below. Be sure to download to your computer first, unzip the files, then transfer the audio files to any portable devices after that.

Download the audio tracks


Affirmations are based on the principle that you can be who you want to be only if you have the thought and idea that it’s possible. Listen to these positive affirmations for self-esteem and confidence to build an internal dialogue that reinforces a new vision of yourself and your life. Affirmations by Vivian Harte, music by Soundings of the Planet.

Affirmations: Tracks 1 – 4


Being organized, taking care of priorities, and effectively speaking up at meetings are skills that lead to greater competence in the workplace. Follow this guided visualization, preferably in a quiet place, to experience yourself being capable and accomplished at work. Visualization by Vivian Harte, music by Soundings of the Planet.

Meeetings: Tracks 1 – 4

Listen to the audio tracks

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