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This resource center is an addition to Creating a Business Plan For Dummies, with bonus material created to help you better understand the concepts and techniques from the book. You can navigate to your desired content by selecting individual download links below.  The video clips are available in the player, by clicking on the relevant video clip from the playlist menu.

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Downloads by Chapter

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Chapter 2: Figuring Out What’s So Special about You (and Your Business)

Strategic Advantage Scorecard

Chapter 3: Sizing up the Competition

Future Competitor worksheet
Competitor Analysis worksheet
Current Competitor Analysis
Preparing an Elevator Speech Hair of the Dog
Preparing an Elevator Speech Smiling Assassin
Preparing an Elevator Speech Songbird Notes

Chapter 4:Budgeting for Start-Up Expenses

Start-Up Expenses Budget as an Excel spreadsheet
Loan Calculator template

Chapter 5: Figuring out Prices and Predicting Sales

Calculating Billable Hours Excel worksheet spreadsheet
12-month Sales Forecast — Service worksheet
12-month Sales Forecast — Retail or Products worksheet
Detailed Sales Forecast worksheet

Chapter 6: Calculating Costs and Gross Profit

Identifying Variable Costs checklist
Service Business With Employees template
Sales Business With Different Products template
Gross Profit Projection Many Products worksheet
Gross Profit Projection Sales Business Few Products worksheet
Gross Profit Projection Service Business worksheet
See video player below to watch Relating Costs to Income

Chapter 7: Planning for Expenses

Business Expenses worksheet
Personal Expenses worksheet

Chapter 8: Assembling Your Profit & Loss Projection

See video player below to watch Naming Cells
Building Scenarios worksheet
See video player below to watch Building Scenarios

Chapter 9: Calculating Your Break-Even Point

12-Month Break-Even worksheet template

Chapter 10: Creating Cashflows and Building Budgets

Cashflow Projection worksheet
See video player below to watch Cashflow Projection

Chapter 11: Separating Yourself from Your Business 293

Task Allocation template
Calculating the True Cost of Labour template: UK
Calculating the True Cost of Labour template: US
Calculating the True Cost of Labour template: Canada
Calculating the True Cost of Labour template: Australia

Chapter 12: Developing a Strong Marketing Plan

Customer Analysis template
Building a Customer Service Plan article

Chapter 13: Staying One Step Ahead

Industry Analysis worksheet
Business Performance quiz
SWOT Analysis template

Chapter 14: Managing Risk

Risk Action Plan template

Chapter 15: Pulling Together Your Written Plan

Business Plan Checklist
Non-Disclosure Agreement template

Chapter 16: Ten Tips for Using Excel in Your Business Plan

See video player below to watch clips on:

  • Using Names Rather Than Cell References
  • Linking One Worksheet to Another
  • Hiding Rows Video
  • Freezing Rows and Columns
  • Creating Charts Video
  • Copying Formula and Text
  • Formatting Cells so they make sense
  • Applying Conditional Formatting


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