Technicians working WebEx support lines say they hear some of the same questions regularly. Check out the following for a handy common-problem solution list. Perhaps one of these items will help you in your learning curve as you explore all WebEx has to offer.

How do I share a presentation or document?

First things first: You have to have started a meeting or session of some sort (such as a training session) to do this. Then, from within your meeting window, choose Share --> Presentation or Document. An Open dialog box is displayed; select the file you want to share and click Open.

How do I join a meeting?

You can join two types of WebEx meetings: listed and unlisted. A listed meeting appears on the public meeting calendar. An unlisted meeting (logically enough) doesn't.

To join a listed meeting, follow these steps:

1. Go to the WebEx URL provided by the meeting host.

2. Click the Join link next to the meeting you want to join.

3. Enter your name, e-mail address, and password, if the host assigned one.

4. Click OK.

You'll now be connected.

If there is no Join link next to your meeting, it could be because you're too early and the meeting hasn't started. Click the Refresh button on your browser to check again in a minute or two. Be sure you've got the time zone for the meeting time right; there is time zone information near the top of the meeting listing page. Finally, if you've been clicking Refresh for what seems like hours, you might just want to call the meeting host and make sure the meeting hasn't been cancelled.

To join an unlisted meeting, follow these steps:

1. Go to the WebEx URL provided by the host.

2. On the left side of the Navigation bar, click the Unlisted link.

3. Enter the meeting number, which is required to join an unlisted meeting. (Your host should provide this to you.)

4. Enter your name, e-mail address, and password, if any.

5. Click OK.

You are now connected.

How do I share remote control of My Desktop?

Sharing control of your desktop is a great way to provide technical support for a software product or to let your customer view a graphic, animated demo, or document on your computer.

First you have to start a meeting, session, or event. Then follow these steps to share your desktop:

1. Choose Share --> Desktop.

2. Select a user you want to share control with.

3. Click OK.

How do I distribute a WebEx Recording File?

When you record a WebEx meeting or presentation, it's saved in WebEx Recording File (.wrf) format. You have a few options for saving or sending these files to others. You can save the file, along with the WebEx Player, which is required in order to play .wrf files, on a CD, or send the file by e-mail.

To send a .wrf file to CD, first download the WebEx Player from your WebEx site by choosing Support and scrolling to the Record/Playback section of the page. Add the .wrf files and player executable file to your CD.

To send a .wrf file by e-mail, follow these steps:

1. Create a new e-mail and include in the body the message that recipients will have to install the WebEx Player to view the files.

2. Include a link to the WebEx Player on your company's WebEx site so the recipients can go there to download it.

3. Using the Attach feature of your e-mail program, attach the .wrf files.

The link to download the WebEx Player typically looks something like this:

How do I invite attendees from within a WebEx meeting?

Sometimes you're in the middle of a meeting and you realize Bob Whatshisname from Accounting really should have been invited. You can invite him during a meeting easily by following these steps:

1. Choose Participant --> Invite.

2. Select the By E-mail option.

3. Enter the invitee's e-mail address in the dialog box that appears and click the Send Invitation button.

Can I start a meeting before the scheduled start time?

A host can start a meeting at any time before the scheduled start time. There are two possibilities here:

  • If starting the meeting a significant amount of time before the scheduled start time, for example the day before or an hour before, once the host starts the meeting, only then will attendees have the option to join it. Basically it's like the host unlocking the meeting room door prior to the meeting for attendees to enter on their own accord.
  • If the host has allowed people to join, say, 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time in setting the meeting up, people can join early, but no earlier than the time increment the host has designated (in this example, 15 minutes before schedule start time).

Why did my connection get interrupted?

WebEx provides a really reliable connection thanks to the WebEx MediaTone network, so you might have to take the blame if you lost a connection. Doing any of these things could interrupt your connection:

  • Refreshing the Web page
  • Typing in another URL
  • Clicking the Back or Forward buttons

The bad news: If you do one of these actions and your connection is lost, you'll have to close all open browser windows and join the meeting all over again. The good news: This only takes a minute or so to do.

What is the difference between a call in and call out teleconference?

Essentially, getting involved in a teleconference can happen in a couple of ways. A participant can call a number to access an online meeting, or the WebEx service can call out to attendees to hook them up with the meeting. The host makes this choice when scheduling a meeting.

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