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Twitch is an exciting entertainment platform. With Twitch, you can watch broadcasters show off their talents as they live-stream themselves playing video games, playing music, showing off their hobbies, and so much more. And you can set up your own channel and start broadcasting your own content. The great thing about Twitch is that you can interact with your audience while streaming, which builds a sense of community.

Twitch chat commands

You might think that Twitch is just about streaming content to a passive audience. Far from it. The biggest draw of Twitch is that it allows you to find people that enjoy what you enjoy and establish connections. Twitch is all about interaction, and one of the key ways to interact is through Chat. What follows are useful Chat commands.

For Everyone

  • Mods — /mods

 Displays all chat moderators for the channel

  • Color — /color <colorname> Changes the color of your username. <colorname> used are
    • Blue
    • Coral
    • DodgerBlue
    • SpringGreen
    • YellowGreen
    • Green
    • OrangeRed
    • Red
    • GoldenRod
    • HotPink
    • CadetBlue
    • SeaGreen
    • Chocolate
    • BlueViolet
    • Firebrick
  • Ignore — /ignore <username>

  Block specific users in chat and whispers if you do not wish to see their comments

  • Unignore — /unignore <username>

Lifts “Ignore” ban from specific users

  • Me — /me <text>

Colors your text based on your chat name color

For Broadcasters and Moderators

  • Timeout — /timeout <username> [seconds]

Temporarily bans someone from Chat room.

Timeouts last for 10 minutes, by default, or can be set by an optional [seconds] value. A new timeout command will overwrite a previous timeout

  • Ban — /ban <username>

Permanently bans a user from the chat room

  • Unban — /unban <username>

Lifts a perma-ban from a user from the chat room

  • Subscribers — /subscribers

Sets the Chat to only subscribed users

  • Subscribersoff — /subscribersoff

Opens the Chat to all users

  • Emoteonly — /emoteonly

Allows your Chat to use only emotes as messages

  • Emoteonly — /emoteonlyoff

Returns Chat to standard messages

  • Clear — /clear

Wipes Chat history

For Broadcasters

  • Raid — /raid <channel>

Takes host and chat automatically to another streamer’s channel in a raid

  • Mod — /mod <username>

Promotes a user to Channel Moderator

  • Unmod — /unmod <username>

Demotes a Channel Moderator

  • Host — /host <channel>

Host another Channel on your own Channel

Twitch subscriber emoticon tiers

When you become of Twitch partner, one of the benefits is that you gain access to custom subscriber emoticons as you accumulate subscriber points.

Emote Slot Subscriber Points
1 0
2 0
3 10
4 20
5 35
6 50
7 65
8 80
9 100
10 125
11 150
12 175
13 200
14 225
15 250
16 300
17 350
18 400
19 450
20 500

For more information, visit the Twitch Help Center.

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