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Methods are properties with functions for their values. In JavaScript, you define a method the same way that you define any function. The only difference is that a method is assigned to a property of an object. This example demonstrates the creation of an object with several properties, one of which is a method.

var sandwich = {
makeSandwich: function (meat,cheese,bread,condiment) {
 sandwich.meat = meat;
 sandwich.cheese = cheese;
 sandwich.bread = bread;
 sandwich.condiment = condiment;
 var mySandwich = sandwich.bread + ", " + sandwich.meat + 
", " + sandwich.cheese + ", " + sandwich.condiment; return mySandwich; } }

To call the makeSandwich method of the sandwich object, you can then use dot notation just as you would access a property, but with parentheses and parameters supplied after the method name.

 Make me a sandwich


Using this

The this keyword is a shorthand for referencing the containing object of a method. For example, in the code below, every instance of the object name, sandwich, has been replaced with this. When the makeSandwich function is called as a method of the sandwich object, JavaScript understands that this refers to the sandwich object.

 Make a sandwich


The result of using the this keyword instead of the specific object name is exactly the same in this case.

Where this becomes very useful is when you have a function that may apply to multiple different objects. In that case, the this keyword will reference the object that it’s called within, rather than being tied to a specific object.

Constructor functions and inheritance are both enabled by the humble this statement.

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