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If you're designing websites, you're probably going to want to use standards-compliant HTML5 markup — after all, you need to use some type of markup language so that your websites can communicate, right? The table here gives you a rundown of the most popular HTML5 tags and tells you what each does.

Tag Description
Defines a comment in the HTML code
Defines the document type
Defines an anchor
Defines an article
Defines content that sides next to other content
Defines a sound
Defines a long quotation
Defines the body element

Inserts a single line break
Defines an area where graphics can be drawn with JavaScript
Defines a table caption
Defines a citation
Defines computer code text
Defines a details section that can be shown or hidden
Defines a section in a document
Defines emphasized (italic) text
Defines a space to insert media files like plug-ins or applications
Defines content like photos, illustrations, and diagrams, etc.
Defines the caption for a figure
Defines a footer for a section or the entire document
Defines a form


Defines header 1 to header 6
Defines information about the document
Defines a header for a section or the entire document

Defines a horizontal rule
Defines an HTML document

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