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Take the time to ask yourself why you want a website that displays on the iPhone and iPad and what you want it to do for you. Your final site will help you accomplish your goals and provide a better user experience as a result.

Remember that you can always start small and develop a website over time; there’s no rush to add, as fast as possible, every feature you think you might need. The web isn’t going anywhere, and the best uses of the web are the ones that will be around for a long time. Here are some suggested questions to help you achieve clarity in your project:

  • Why is it important for you to have a website?

  • What are your objectives?

    As you work through the planning and development process, you should strive to refine all your hopes and dreams down to two (or, at most, three) clear objectives for your site. Write those goals on a sticky note, and keep it in a spot that you’re forced to see regularly, such as the edge of your computer monitor or the bathroom mirror.

    Whenever you have a question about any aspect of the design, content, or development of your site, refer to the list. It will act as your compass needle, pointing the way forward so that you can remain true to your objectives.

  • How will you measure success?

  • Whom do you envision as your core users?

  • What do you want those users to gain by visiting your website?

  • What do you want users to do after or while they're on your website?

  • How does your idea for a website compare with others?

  • Do you expect to make money on your website?

After you have determined your site’s goals, you can organize the route users should take to move through your site according to those goals. Strive to construct your site so that your users can reach the places where they can accomplish a goal ¯ whether it's placing an order or learning how to cross-stitch their baby’s name on a T-shirt.

One of the most useful tools in this next stage is to create what is known as a wireframe.

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