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Audio files can be music files or voice recordings, such as recordings of you speaking to your WordPress blog readers. These files add a nice personal touch to your blog. You can easily share audio files on your blog by using the Add Media feature in WordPress.

After you insert an audio file in a blog post, your readers can listen to it on their computers or download it onto an MP3 player and listen to it while driving to work, if they want.

To upload an audio file to your site, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Media button on the Edit Post or Add New Post page.

    The Insert Media window appears.

  2. Click the Upload Files tab at the top and then click the Select Files button.

  3. Select the audio file you want to upload and then click Open.

    The audio is uploaded from your computer to your web server, and the Insert Media window displays your uploaded audio selected and ready for editing.

  4. In the Attachment Details section, type a title for the file in the Title text box, a caption in the Caption text box, and a description in the Description text box.

  5. Still in the Attachment Details section, select the Link To option.

    You can link to a custom URL, the attachment page, or the media file, or you can link to nothing at all.

  6. Click the Insert into Post button.

    WordPress doesn’t automatically include an audio player interface for playing your file. Instead, WordPress inserts a link your readers can click to listen to the audio file.

Some great WordPress plugins for handling audio can enhance the functionality of the file uploader and help you manage audio files in your blog posts.

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