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You can work with a variety of settings to adjust how Microsoft Edge works. Click the More Actions button at the far right end of the Microsoft Edge address bar, and then click Settings in the menu that appears.

In the Settings pane that appears, make selections for settings, such as:

  • Choose a Theme: Choose the Light or Dark theme from this drop-down list.

  • Show the Favorites Bar: Use the On/Off slider to control whether an additional favorites bar appears below the address bar.

  • Open With: The choices here determine what displays when you start Microsoft Edge.

  • Open New Tabs With: This drop-down list controls the content for new browser tabs.

  • Clear Browsing History: Click the Choose What To Clear button here to delete various types of browsing data such as your browsing history, cookies, of passwords.

  • Reading View Style and Reading View Font Size: Make choices from these drop-down lists to change the colors and text size for the Reading view.

You can move the mouse to the right edge of the screen to display the scroll bar, and then scroll down and click the View Advanced Settings button. This displays an additional pane of Microsoft Edge settings including how to handle pop-ups, using Adobe Flash Player, and managing passwords.

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