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With Microsoft Edge you can add your own highlighting and notes to a web page. For example, you might do this to capture your own experience with a recipe or instructions for a project. After you start Microsoft Edge and display the web page that you want to make notes on, click the Make a Web Note button on the address bar.

  1. In the toolbar that appears, click the lower-right corner of the pen or highlighter button, and then click the color to use (see the figure), or a size/shape option at the bottom.

  2. Drag with the mouse to write or draw on the page (refer to the figure). Release the mouse button whenever you want to stop marking, and press it again to restart your note taking.

  3. Click the Save Web Note button on the toolbar. An Add To dialog box appears. Click either Favorites or Reading List at the top, and then click the Add button.

  4. Click the Exit button on the Web Notes toolbar.

Writing and drawing onscreen with a regular mouse can be awkward. You can get a drawing tablet and stylus that connects to your computer via USB. After you plug it in and set it up, if needed, you can use the stylus to write and draw just like a pencil. Using one of these tablets makes adding web notes feel the same as doodling on paper.

When you view your page with web notes from your Favorites list at a later time, a toolbar appears below the address bar. It offers Hide Notes and Go To Original Page buttons.

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