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Not all Android tablets feature a flash on the rear camera. If your tablet does, you can set the flash's behavior. To change or check the flash setting in the stock Android Camera app, touch the Action Overflow icon on the app's main screen.

The current flash setting is represented by an icon on the screen. Choose that icon to switch to a different flash setting. Sometimes, you may have to tap the icon more than once.

On some Samsung tablets, touch the onscreen Settings icon to find the Flash setting.


Most Camera apps display the current flash setting as an icon on the screen. For the stock Android Camera app, the Control icon changes to reflect the current flash setting.

  • The Flash setting might also be found on a sliding control drawer or by first touching the Settings icon to see the Camera app's settings.

  • A good time to turn on the flash is when taking pictures of people or objects in front of something bright, such as Aunt Ellen showing off her prized peach cobbler in front of a burning munitions factory.

  • Some Android tablets lack flash hardware for the rear camera. On those devices, you cannot set the flash in the Camera app.

  • A "flash" setting is also available for shooting video in low-light situations. In that case, the flash LED is on the entire time the video is being shot. This setting is made similarly to setting the flash, although the options are only On and Off. It must be set before you shoot video, and, yes, it devours a lot of battery power.

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