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Your laser printer needs a cleaning every now and then. Although you should follow the specific cleaning instructions for your brand and model of laser printer while cleaning its interior, you generally cover these laser-printer parts in a good cleaning:

  • Corona wires: These wires transfer a static charge to the paper to attract toner, but if they get dusty, you immediately see spotting and degraded print quality in your printed documents. Most manufacturers advise that you use a clean, dry cotton swab to gently wipe the wires. You should find the wires close to the paper rollers inside your printer.

  • Toner guard: These felt pads trap excess toner before it gets on your documents. You might receive a new toner guard set with each cartridge, but in a pinch, you can remove the pads from your printer and rub them on a clean cloth to remove that built-up toner.

  • Paper feed rollers: Use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to clean the buildup from your paper rollers.

  • Fan vent: It’s a good idea to use compressed air to blow any dust from the fan and the ventilation grill.

Never attempt to clean the interior of your laser printer while it’s on! Laser technology uses very high temperatures to bond toner to paper, so you could be subject to serious burns if you’re not careful.

If you spill toner, head to your local office supply store for toner clean-up cloths. These handy wipes contain a chemical that attracts toner and keeps it on the cloth. Don’t use warm or hot water to wash toner off your hands — toner can literally melt and adhere to your skin!

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