Windows 7 For Dummies
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Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows operating system, has all the familiar boxes, windows, and mouse pointers as its predecessors. But Windows 7 also has some new features to explore. This cheat sheet of timesaving tips and advice makes using this new version easy. Get to know required hardware, how to protect your work effectively, and some cool keyboard shortcuts to get that job done faster — and with fewer hassles.

Note: Because of legal issues in Europe, Microsoft considered releasing a special "E" version of Windows 7 in Europe that wouldn’t include Internet Explorer. The company changed its mind, however, and now Europeans will receive the same version of Windows 7 sold around the world. When Europeans first install Windows 7 or turn on a new Windows 7 PC, they'll see a ballot screen letting them choose their preferred browser, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, or another browser. Choose the browser, and Windows 7 automatically installs it, if necessary, and begins using it.

Microsoft hadn't released the final version of Windows Live Movie Maker in time for the first printing of this book. Check out Windows Live Movie Maker: Create, Edit, and View Movies for information on the final release version of this product.

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