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After you put together a movie in Windows Live Movie Maker, you can easily get it on the Web. In Windows 7, Windows Live Movie Maker comes preloaded with an option to publish your films directly to Microsoft MSN’s Soapbox Web site, but you can also install other plugins that let you publish directly to more popular sites from within the WLMM main interface.

Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't come preinstalled on Windows 7, but you can download it for free at the Windows Live Essentials download page.

  1. In Windows Live Movie Maker, make sure your movie is in final form. Then save it.

  2. Click the Application button on the far left, choose Publish, and select from one of the available Web sites.


    You can choose one of the options here or add a plugin at this point to publish to a different site.

    One of the best plugin options is LiveUpload to YouTube, which automatically formats and forwards your movie directly to your YouTube account.

  3. If you’re prompted for a logon ID and password, type it or do whatever is necessary to sign in.


    Soapbox presents you with the tagging dialog box.

  4. Fill out the tag information the site requires, and then click Publish.


    It might take a while to upload the movie, but when you’re done, it’s there.

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