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The amount of tasks you perform with the camera menu depends on the digital camera you own. Canon camera owners can adjust many settings, such as ISO, with a combination of buttons and dials. Nikon camera owners must rely a bit more heavily on the camera menu to change settings. In fact, Nikon has a Shooting Menu as part of the camera menu.

In addition to using the camera menu to change certain settings, you also use camera menus to change image format, quality, and auto-exposure bracketing. On the left side is a Nikon camera menu; a Canon camera menu is shown on the right.


Navigating your camera menu is like working with a computer program. In fact, your camera processor is like a little computer. The amount of menu settings depends on the complexity of your camera.

You access the camera menu by pressing the Menu button on the back of your camera. You use buttons and dials to scroll through the menus. When you find the menu option you want to change, you press an OK or Set button to make the change. Some cameras also have a Function button that is used, in addition to the menu, to change camera settings.

Many cameras give you the option to create a custom menu. This option lets you keep your frequently used menu items on one menu for easy retrieval.

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