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State parks and wildlife preserves are wonderful places to visit and capture compelling photographs of wildlife. In these places, animals get to roam in their native habitats with only minimal intrusion from man. When you visit, you get to see and photograph what the area looked like before man intruded.


Every state in the US has state parks. The trick is to find the best ones that are near your home. This task is not as daunting as it may seem. You can find information about state parks and wildlife preserves in several places.

  • Perform an Internet search. Google the phrase “State Park” preceded by the name of your state, county, or town.

  • Join a local camera club. Local camera clubs know all the hot spots for any type of photography in the local area.

  • Check with the local chapter of the Audubon Society. Your local Audubon Society will be a wealth of information about wildlife and nature in your area.

  • Perform a search at a photography site such as Flickr. Type in the name of your town or the nearest large town. Look at the photos that are displayed as a result of your search. When you see a photo that has wildlife you’d like to photograph, click it and look at the information included with the photograph.

    Flickr also gives you the option to search using tags, which gives you lots of photos to look at. For example, if you type in “wildlife” followed by the name of your town, the search returns photos with those tags.

  • "Friend" a wildlife photographer. This can be done on a photography site or a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter. Photographers are pretty meticulous about recording information with their photographs, so you may find a couple of places to shoot based on the photos that turn up from your search.

    On many photography-sharing sites, you can request to be a contact or “friend” of the photographer. Choose this option and comment on the photographer’s images. Photographers love to get feedback on their images and usually respond to the feedback. You may be able to pursue the online friendship further and get information about local wildlife photography hot spots.

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