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If offroading is your thing, the GoPro can help you capture some great footage from your All-Terrain Vehicle. Don't worry about the mud, sweat, and tears; the camera thrives under these conditions and handles them all with dignity.

Check out the following options for using your GoPro on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV):

  • Mount it on a roll bar. GoPro makes a mount specifically for this point of view, the Large Tube mount. Mount to handlebar with the Pro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole mount or use the 360-degree swivel QR base to rotate the camera for new perspectives.
  • Put it on the bumper. This vantage point provides a rugged almost-ground-level view of the terrain, allowing the viewer to experience the excitement. You can also mount the Karma Grip gimbal to your vehicle for super smooth footage. See copy deck.
  • Place it on a road course. If you're traveling a specific road course, put a GoPro at a strategic location to get a unique perspective. (Just be careful that you don't run over it.) Use a tripod or mount to a tree with Large Tube mount.
  • Use multiple cameras. Mount a camera inside the vehicle to show the driver; then mount other cameras on the roll bar, bumper, and even on the course to capture multiple points of view. Control them all at the same time with Smart remote.

Wipe the lens after each take. There's nothing worse than having a great capture and finding goop on the lens.

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