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The selfie is quickly becoming one of the most prominent ways to take a portrait. Thanks to the wide-angle view of your GoPro, the camera lets you create some interesting moving or still selfies.

Here are a few pointers for getting the best results:

  • Make the shot flattering. More appropriately, keep it from becoming unflattering. The GoPro's wide-angle lens can distort your appearance, and holding it too low and close to your face can make your nose look like a weapon. Instead, hold it at just above eye level, perpendicular to the ground.
  • Know yourself. What's your good side? If you know it, make sure that you shoot it.
  • Make sure that the light works. Opt for soft directional light, as shown. Also, make sure that the background is not busy or too bright.
  • Mount the camera on an extension pole. You can make a fun shot by extending the camera at an angle above you or your group with the GoPro 3-way or the Handler.
  • Shoot on Burst. Press the shutter once and get a bunch of shots. This works especially well with group selfies and can improve the chances that everyone has a flattering expression.
  • Use your smartphone as a monitor. Here's something a little different: Hold the GoPro and keep your smartphone in view so that you have some idea how the shot will turn out.
A GoPro selfie taken on a red carpet.

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