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GoPro has taken the art of flying your camera on a drone further, entering the fray with Karma, a drone specifically designed for putting your GoPro high in the sky. The drone, or quadcopter as it's sometimes called, has been on the scene for a few years now, and many have even supported GoPro as a worthy passenger, but it's all about Karma now.

GoPro has simplified the idea of flying your HERO from above. More than a drone, this vessel centers around the Karma Stabilizer, which is a stabilization device that attaches to the drone itself, as well as allowing you to hold it by hand, much like a steady cam does in movie production. That means you can capture incredibly steady footage from the air or when held in your hand, despite how much motion is going on around the camera. The Karma works with current GoPro models, including the HERO4 and HERO5 models.

Here's what comes in the box:

  • Karma Drone: Sleeker than other drones on the market, this one is made specifically for GoPro.
  • Karma Controller: More than a remote, this video-game style device allows you to control and view the flight of your drone. Want more? The GoPro Passenger App lets you share flight monitoring with friends while you're flying.
  • Karma Grip: Helps you get smooth video whether it's on the drone or you take it off and hold it by hand and use it as stabilization system on the ground.
  • Karma Stabilizer and Harness: The harness holds your GoPro and the stabilizer attaches to the Karma to keep it steady to produce smooth shake-free video.
  • Battery and Charger: All-in-one charger provides up to 20 minutes of flight on a one-hour charge.
  • Propellers: Sometimes they're the first victims in an altercation. No worries, six replacements come in the box. And they're color-coded for easy installation.
  • Mounting Ring: Use it to attach Karma Grip to GoPro mounts.
  • Case: A durable weather-resistant case that's perfect for carrying your Karma and all the necessary accessories. You can also fit the Karma drone in Seeker, the GoPro backpack.

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