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The GoPro provides an all-access pass to the center of any stage performance. Give the audience a perspective that only the band gets to see by using the removable instrument mount to capture footage right onstage.

Here are some of the places that a GoPro can go during a performance:

  • Guitar: Mount the camera on the headstock with the Arm, and position it to show the guitarist's fingers working the frets (see the figure). Put it on the guitar's body with a gooseneck mount to show the player picking. Turn the GoPro around to capture the rest of the band with your "guitar cam."
  • Drums: If the drummer has enough space to drum, you can put the removable instrument mount anyplace. Use the gooseneck or jaws mount, depending on what you're trying to show.
  • Keyboards: Put the camera above the keys to show a close-up and nicely distorted view of the keyboard player's hands.
  • Microphone stand: Put the audience right in the middle of the action with a view from the microphone.
View of the frets from the neck down.

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