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For you and your Boston Terrier to have a happy and healthy life together, follow these tips for preparing to bring your dog home, grooming, basic training, and healthcare:

  • No matter how adorable he is, do not buy a Boston on a whim. Research the breed first, talk to other Boston owners, and search out a reputable breeder.

  • Choose a dog whose age and personality fits with yours.

  • Prepare your home by puppy proofing his living area and gathering all the necessary supplies.

  • When your pup comes home, delegate appropriate care responsibilities to every member of the household — including the children!

  • Growing puppies need nutritious food. Feed your dog a healthy diet in the right amounts, and even if he’s a good boy, don’t overdo the treats!

  • Growing puppies also need regular health checks and vaccinations. Meet with your veterinarian regularly during your dog’s developing years.

  • Educate yourself about common illnesses and breed-specific ailments. Knowing what signs to look for can save your dog’s life.

  • Keep your Boston looking his best by grooming him regularly. Grooming not only helps him looking good, but it’s an opportunity to inspect your dog’s body and find problems before they turn into emergencies.

  • Begin to crate and housetrain your Boston early. Your pup will grow to love his den as his safe place, and you will help him develop good elimination habits as soon as possible.

  • Socialize your pup early by introducing him to as many sights, sounds, and smells as possible. The more people and dogs he meets, the better!

  • Teach your Boston how to settle, sit, stay, leave it, and heel when he is a puppy. Attend puppy kindergarten and basic training when he is old enough.

  • Senior dogs have special needs. Be aware of your aging dog’s feeding, exercise, and health requirements when he reaches his golden years.

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