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To be prepared for an emergency or injury to your retired racing greyhound, make sure you have the following items in a first aid kit. Store the first aid items in a travel kit so you can easily take it with you when you and your greyhound venture out.

Dressings and bandaging materials in several sizes. Overnight sanitary napkins, to use in case of serious bleeding.
Blunt-nose scissors. Hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent.
An antibiotic, non-oil-based eye ointment. A soft muzzle.
Compressed activated charcoal. Sterile saline solution for cleaning wounds or washing eyes.
Cotton balls. A small hemostat or tweezers.
Splinting materials. KY Jelly.
A digital thermometer. A small, powerful flashlight.
A cheap pocket watch with a sweeping second hand. A notepad and pen to record vital signs.
Vetrap for protection during runs and for stabilizing injuries. A supply of smelling salts to ward off aggressive dogs.
A Quick Muzzle to protect yourself if necessary. Extra cotton leashes to restrain the injured dog and other dogs who may try to interfere or to secure the dog for transport.
A supply of water and a fold-up, collapsible bowl. A fold-up, collapsible blanket to use as a stretcher.
Several emergency space blankets. A small jar of beef baby food, in case you need to get a pill into a stressed dog.
A syringe or turkey baster to administer peroxide to cause vomiting in case of poisoning, or to administer liquid medications. Benadryl, Imodium AD, Enteric-coated aspirin, Tagamet, and Dramamine.

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