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Pay attention and you can tell if your Dachshund is having back pain. If you see any of the following signs, call the vet (if your Dachshund shows sign of severe pain, paralysis, or drags his back legs, don’t wait, go to an animal emergency facility immediately):

  • Shivering, especially when combined with unusual inactivity

  • Refusal to get up and play, even for food

  • A yelp when you pet your Dachshund or try to pick him up

  • A pulled-in head or arched back or any other strange position

  • A refusal to bend down to the food or water dish to eat or drink

  • Limping of any kind

  • A “drunken” rear end, which moves but looks as if it isn’t completely under control

  • Dragging of the back legs

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