Chihuahuas For Dummies
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When you decide to bring a Chihuahua puppy into your life, you need to choose with your head as well as your heart. The tips in the following list can help you bring home a puppy you’ll be happy to raise:

  • Trust your instincts. Does one puppy catch your eye immediately? First impressions are important, and love at first sight can last a lifetime. But take time to ensure that your furry favorite is healthy and has a pleasing personality.

  • Be observant. Watch the puppies play together for several minutes without human interference. Your best bet is a puppy in the middle of the pecking order — neither the bully nor the scaredy-cat.

  • Eye the eyes. They should be bright, alert, and clear of mucous. (Don’t mistake clear tears for mucous, though.)

  • Check the coat. A healthy coat is smooth to the touch and glossy, with no bald patches. No puppy should have skin showing through on its back or sides.

  • Know the nose. Breathing should be quiet and rhythmic and the nostrils should be free of mucous.

  • Note how puppies move when they play. Despite a bit of baby clumsiness, they should appear quick, bouncy, and agile, standing straight on legs that look strong enough to carry their bodies.

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