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Planning your landscape helps to keep you on budget, find the right trees and plants for yous needs, and keeps you focused on your landscaping wish list. Use these steps when planning your landscape:

  1. Measure your current landscape and draw a rough plan on paper.

  2. Review your wish list.

  3. Determine your budget.

  4. Add potential structures (patio, deck, shed, bench, fence, pool, or pond) and pathways to your plan.

  5. Determine the sun, partial shade, and shade availability for each area that you plan to grow plants. Determine your hardiness zone.

  6. Add plants and trees to your plan.

  7. Check costs and availability of materials and plants.

  8. Call your local governing body and ask about permits.

  9. Enlist a landscape contractor, if necessary.

  10. Begin building and planting!

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