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Not only are orchids beautiful, some have an amazing fragrance. Here's a list of some of the most sweet-smelling orchids and a brief description of their fragrance:

  • Angranthes grandiflora: Just about all the angraecums and their hybrids, like this one, have a sweet jasmine fragrance.

  • Brassavola nodosa: Its common name, Lady of the Night, gives you a hint of its sensuous freesia or lily-of-the-valley night fragrance. Also, be on the lookout for hybrids that contain this species as a parent. They're frequently sweet-scented.

  • Cattleya walkeriana and hybrids: This is a diminutive beauty that has a relaxing cinnamon and vanilla fragrance. It frequently passes this quality to its offspring, so be on the lookout for hybrids that use this as a parent.

  • Maxillaria tenuifolia: Who can pass up this orchid that smells like roast coconut?

  • Miltoniopsis santanaei: A delightful small-growing orchid that has the scent of roses. Many of the miltoniopsis hybrids also have this quality.

  • Neofinetia falcata: Long admired and revered by Asians for its alluring jasmine fragrance, it is just now receiving the attention it deserves in the West.

  • Oncidium Sharry Baby: The mouthwatering scent of vanilla and chocolate without the calories, makes this easy-to-grow orchid top the popularity charts.

  • Phalaenopsis violacea or Phalaenopsis bellina: Both of these species of phalaenopis are wonderfully fragranced. Phalaenopsis violacea has a spicy, cinnamon fragrance, while Phalaenopsis bellina has a headier freesia-with-a-touch-of-lemon scent.

  • Rhynchostylis gigantea: Wow! The citrus fragrance from this one can permeate an entire house.

  • Zygopetalums: A bed of hyacinths is what these gaily colored flowers of this underappreciated orchid smells like.

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