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All picture puzzles are not the same. The more familiar you are with the type of puzzle you’re solving, the better you’ll be at solving it. It helps to remember exactly what you’re getting into. So here’s a primer on common types of picture puzzles you’ll encounter:

  • Spot-the-changes puzzles: These puzzles consist of two, seemingly identical pictures. However, one of the pictures contains several changes that you have to find.

  • Not puzzles: One-of-these-is-not-like-the-other puzzles, otherwise known as Not puzzles, are similar to spot-the-changes puzzles. Instead of just two pictures and several changes, Not puzzles have several pictures, one of which has just one difference from the others.

  • Cut-up puzzles: Think of cut-up puzzles as jigsaw puzzles. In these puzzles, you're given two grids. One grid contains a picture cut into pieces and scrambled within the grid. The other grid contains just one of the picture pieces, which is correctly placed within the grid as a hint to get you started — the rest of the grid is empty. You have to place the remaining pieces within the grid and complete the picture.

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