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Playing online poker in general, and Texas Hold’em in particular, is a very popular pastime. When you’re online, you may encounter abbreviations specific to the world of poker. To understand what other players are saying, get familiar with these online abbreviations:

Abbreviation What It Means Abbreviation What It Means
86 To remove or ban ne1 Anyone
brb Be right back nh Nice hand
gc/nc Slightly sarcastic phrase meaning good catch/nice catch gg Good game
lol Laughing out loud gl Good luck
nl No-Limit ty Thank you
n1 Nice one :) Smiley face (view sideways)

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Mark “The Red” Harlan is an avid poker player and co-creator of the first company to offer legal online poker in the United States. Along with his hours at the poker table, Mark has also spent time as a software developer for leading Silicon Valley companies.

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