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Sorry to break the news to you, but as yet no one has come up with software that can play bridge at an expert level. However, the quality of the software continues to improve. The beginner bridge programs give you a chance to practice your bidding, card play, and defense without risking the embarrassment of an angry partner. A computer program allows an additional benefit: You can always have the last word by simply quitting the program!

Computer bridge programs, like everything else to do with computers, change fast enough to make your head spin. You can find many new bridge programs wherever you buy software online.

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant is for the absolute beginner. Grant, a top international instructor, reads the lessons while you focus on the hands and the colorful graphics. The software includes 29 interactive quizzes and a progress screen to track your results.

Introduction to Bridge: Play & Learn with Pat Harrington

Pat Harrington offers two programs in easy-to-use interactive lessons, starting with the absolute basics in lessons 1 to 6 and progressing to topics such as rebids, takeout doubles, preempts, and more in lessons 7 to 13.

Learn Bridge CD

Learn Bridge uses video, sound, and animation to present 40 interactive lessons on basics, bidding, and defense. It comes with an unlimited number of practice quizzes for players at the beginner or intermediate level.

Learn to Play Bridge I & II

The Learn to Play Bridge series includes two programs, and both are available as free downloads through the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).
  • The first program is a comprehensive course in bridge, designed for people who have never played but want to learn the game.
  • The second program takes the beginner to the intermediate level.
Both of the Learn to Play Bridge programs contain excellent graphics and hundreds of quizzes and other interactive exercises. These programs are a fun and effective way to study the game. They were written by Fred Gittelman, a world-class player and a world-class programmer. Note: The programs are available for Windows only.

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