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Breast cancer is a particularly devastating and intimate disease. Although not as deadly as some other forms of cancer — five-year survival rates in the United States are between 80–90 percent — the toll that breast cancer takes on the body, mind, and psychology make it an especially difficult disease to contend with. The good news is that it is a relatively easy cancer to detect early, and usually the earlier it is caught, the better the prognosis. Breast cancer survivors have several treatment avenues, including chemotherapy, radiation, therapy, hormonal therapy, and a few different surgery options, including different mastectomies.

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Marshalee George, PhD, is Faculty and Oncology Nurse Practitioner at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Division of Surgical Oncology at Johns Hopkins Breast Center.

Kimlin Tam Ashing, PhD, is Professor and Founding Director of City of Hope's Center of Community Alliance for Research and Education. Together they have over 40 years combined experience in treating breast cancer patients through diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and recurrent illness, as well as survivorship and follow-up care.

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