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Correctly pronouncing wine names is one way to keep from irritating a wine snob; the following table can help you out. The stressed syllable in each word is italicized; if no syllable is italicized, all syllables carry equal weight.

Auslese ouse-lay-seh
Beaujolais boh-jhoe-lay
Bourgogne boor-guh-nyuh
Brut brute
Cabernet Sauvignon cab-er-nay saw-vee-nyon
Chablis shah-blee
Chardonnay shar-dohn-nay
Châteauneuf-du-Pape shah-toe-nuf-doo-pahp
Côte-Rotie coat-roe-tee
Gewürztraminer geh-vairtz-trah-mee-ner
Haut-Brion oh-bree-ohn
Hermitage er-mee-tahj
Loire l'wahr
Mâcon mah-cawn
Merlot mer-loh
Meursault muhr-so
Moët moh-ett
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo mon-tae-pul-chee-ah-noh dah-brute-zoh
Montrachet mon-rah-shay
Mosel-Saar-Ruwer moh-zel-zar-roo-ver
Muscadet moos-cah-day
Pauillac poy-yac
Perrier-Jouët per-ree-yay-joo-ett
Pinot Grigio pee-noh gree-joe
Pinot Noir pee-noh nwahr
Pouilly-Fuissé pwee-fwee-say
Riesling reese-ling
Rioja ree-oh-hah
Sancerre sahn-air
Spätlese shpate-lay-seh
Viognier vee-oh-nyay
Vosne-Romanée vone-roh-mah-nay
Willamette Valley wil-lam-et

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