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If you’re thirsty for wine knowledge, you can spend hours and hours researching wine on Internet sites. Most wineries and wine importers have websites, as do the promotional boards of major wine-producing countries and wine regions, and those sites can be useful. But third-party websites and blogs provide more free-ranging information. Here are some great places to read about, or chat about, wine online. (Unless otherwise noted, the sites have free access.)

  • Wine Review Online: Robert Whitley, a San Diego–based wine writer and radio wine show host, is publisher of this weekly newsletter, edited by writer Michael Franz. Contributors include a very experienced group of wine writers from all over the United States. The site’s articles are free.

  • Jancis This site features articles and commentary from England’s leading wine journalist and regular contributing writers, as well as lively, active chat boards with international participation. Subscribers gain access to the site’s Purple Pages, where they can even search Robinson’s authoritative Oxford Wine Companion.

  • Wine Anorak: An online magazine from writer Jamie Goode with a distinctly British flavor. Strong in technical information about wine.

  • Vinography: Alder Yarrow’s wine blog was one of the first to gain fame, and understandably so, because it’s one of the best-written and authoritative blogs out there.

  • Dr.Vino: Tyler Coleman has established a reputation as the policeman of wine. He fearlessly goes after people in the wine business who make dubious claims. Not afraid to take on anybody, Coleman definitely has the pulse of the wine biz in his grasp.

  • 1WineDude: Joe Roberts, wine dude, has a humorous, hip, and knowledgeable blog with lots of entertaining scoops about the wine business. Particularly relevant for new and young wine lovers.

  • The Feiring Line: Alice Feiring is another wine journalist who will take on anybody or any topic in wine in her blog — no matter how controversial. She’s a particular advocate of natural wine.

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