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If you choose to create a ridge along your seam, you can either hide it (on the wrong side of the fabric) or make it part of the design (on the right side). Ridged seams are sometimes used to create a decorative look, like in an afghan made up of motifs; you can use a contrasting color to add another design element. Here's how to slip stitch a ridged seam:
  1. Position the 2 pieces together with right sides facing (for a wrong side seam) or wrong sides together (for a right side seam). Make sure the stitches across each edge match.
  2. Working through the double thickness of both pieces and using the same size crochet hook that you used in the design, insert your hook through the back 2 loops of the first 2 stitches, leaving a yarn tail about 6 inches long.

    The figure shows the correct positioning of the hook in the back loops.

    Slip stitching pieces together.
  3. Yarn over the hook (yo).
  4. Pull the yarn through and repeat Steps 2 and 3 in each stitch across; fasten off and weave in the ends. Take a look at the completed ridged seam here.

    Two crocheted pieces joined with a ridged slip stitch seam.

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