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Hanukkah is a joyous time to share the light that resides within you. When decorating for Hanukkah, you need plenty of candles on hand for your menorah (at least 44). The following tips incorporate Hanukkah colors, as well as other ways to decorate your home:

  • Purchase cobalt blue items: Cobalt blue stemware is great for whipping out when company comes. A simple cobalt blue vase filled with a casual arrangement of white roses is an elegant statement. Set it between a pair of candlesticks or in front of a sunny window, so the light can stream through it. Stunning!

  • Make the colors of Hanukkah the main theme of your décor, along with a perfectly positioned menorah: This makes any room elegantly stated.

  • Make an impromptu menorah: If you receive a one-night surprise visit from mamaleh, go to a grocery or discount store and purchase eight votives and one pillar candle. Line them up on a tray, four votives on each side of the pillar candle (shamash or shammus), and fill in the area around the candles, so that it doesn’t look so stark. You can use organic material, such as green lentils (also picked up at the supermarket) or fresh flowers plucked right from the stem. Or go really stark, filling in the space with something like rock salt to match a more upscale or minimalist look.

  • Go the really easy route and purchase a Happy Hanukkah paper banner: String it up on the wall, and you have an instant holiday! Visit the paper goods store or a great Judaica store, and you’ll come up with all sorts of paper goods to decorate your home. Have fun!

  • If you do happen to be giving gifts in an adult crowd, make a beautiful display on an occasional table: Puddle silver organza or satin on top of a table and place beautifully wrapped gifts on it. You can upscale the gift wrap in silvers, shiny blues, or simple whites adorned with beautiful ribbon with handmade gift tags.

  • Purchase one decorative platter and arrange blue velvet embossed gelt bags on them: You can make your own bags for a song by embossing the velvet first with a six-pointed star, Hanukkah menorah, or dreidel stamp. One yard of velvet can make about eight or more small bags. Simply cut out rectangles, fold them in half, stitch on two sides, and then hem the top!

  • Fill your room with candles, and line walks with lanterns or themed luminarias: Try this idea for making special Hanukkah luminarias: Trace the outline of a menorah, with lit candles, on one side of the bag. Cut out the flame portions from the bag at the top, so when lit from within, the flames appear brighter than the rest of the design.

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