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Most coin collectors read at least one trade publication to see what’s happening in the industry, who has coins or currency for sale that may interest them, who’s buying what, timely coin prices, coin show and auction schedules, and similar current information and news. The following list contains links and some info about the periodicals you’ll want to add to your reading list:

  • Coin Prices is published six times per year.

  • Coin Values is a monthly magazine.

  • Coin World is a must-read weekly newspaper that’s been published since 1952.

  • Coins is a monthly magazine.

  • Numismatic News is a weekly newspaper that has been published since 1952.

  • Numismatist is for anyone with any interest in coins. It has been published monthly since 1888 and is included in the American Numismatic Association basic membership package.

  • World Coin News is a monthly magazine.

  • WorldWide Coins is a magazine published six times per year.

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