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The most important choice you make as a coin collector is deciding on which dealers to do business with. Certainly there are more good dealers than just the ones in the following list, but these offer a few good places to start:
  • Heritage Auction Galleries (phone: 800-872-6467): Home of numismatists James Halperin and Steve Ivy, Heritage sells as many coins to collectors as anyone.

  • Swiss America Trading Corp. (phone: 800-289-2646): Swiss America invites U.S. investors and collectors to rediscover gold coin and rare coin collecting for financial safety, privacy, and profit. It offers knowledge, timing, and quality products from its famous, world-class coin buyer.

  • Tangible Investments, LLC (phone: 888-655-9255): Silvano DiGenova, one of the world’s best coin traders, sells coin rarities primarily to serious collectors.

  • Neil S. Berman, Inc. (phone: 914-763-0678): Neil purchases rare coins, primarily representing serious investors, both private and institutional.

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Neil S. Berman is an expert numismatist and professional rare coin dealer with over 50 years’ experience. He’s been published in Barron’s, Trust and Estates, National Law Journal, The Financial Planner, Pension World, and Executive Jeweler. He has appraised coins for the United States Postal Service, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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