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Consider starting your search for good small cap stocks by checking out top organizations that already have those stocks in their portfolios. If experts chose small cap stocks for an ETF portfolio or for a mutual fund that specializes in small cap stocks, those stocks probably offer a good starting point for your research. These experts did the heavy lifting of choosing small caps for their portfolios, so you can learn from them and use this approach as a shortcut in finding quality small cap stocks.

To look for micro caps and small caps, go to sites such as the following:

Nasdaq: This is a premier site for stocks, but it’s also the hub of activity for small cap stocks. You can find stock reports and SEC filings for virtually any small cap (or larger) company.

OTC Markets: Find small cap stock listings and prices as well as the most active small cap stocks.

Stockwatch: This very active site is packed with news and views of stocks in general but emphasizes small cap stocks.

SmallCap Network: This extensive site has research and reports on small cap stocks.

Small Cap Directory: This site is a search engine for doing research on small cap stocks.

Also, consider alternatives to directly owning small cap stocks. Buying ETFs that have a diversified portfolio of small cap stocks can be a safer and more convenient way of adding small cap stocks to your portfolio. To find great ETFs on small cap stocks, do a search at

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