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If you ever sat in the back of the classroom making paper airplanes while the teacher droned on about geometry, Babylonian history, or some other equally boring topic, congratulations! You’re a fabricator. The manufacturing technology just mentioned is called folding, but instead of using human fingers, a folding machine uses ones made of super hard and wear-resistant steel. But that’s just the beginning of the differences between manufacturing paper airplanes and the ones used to carry business people to important meetings. Folding machines, like most of the computerized equipment used in fabricating shops today are expensive, highly accurate, faster than a spitball, and more challenging to program than the TV’s remote control. But don’t worry. If you do decide to pursue a good paying, rewarding career as a sheet-metal fabricator, there’s plenty of help available.

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Kip Hanson is a freelance writer and manufacturing consultant. He has more than 600 published articles, including dozens of case studies and technical pieces on fabricating. He looks forward to continuing the work done in Machining For Dummies with this companion book, Fabricating For Dummies.

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