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You’re selling your home and using an open house to show it off. You need to stage your home ahead of time, of course, as well as set the price, and take care of all the details that go into an open house. If you can follow the steps in the following list, you can boost your chances for a successful open house:

  1. Complete all staging techniques before taking the photographs for your online listing and flyers.

    Professional photographs of a beautifully staged property can increase the number of potential buyers who come to your open house because they see an intriguing, warm, inviting property when they see great pictures of your property online, in the sales flyers, and in print advertising.

  2. Set the price accordingly.

    Do your homework and shop similar homes on the market, and then price your property accordingly. If your property is priced right to begin with, staging discourages price reductions later on. When you stage your house and price it right, you get the most bang for your buck by bringing in the most traffic within the first few weeks that your house is on the market.

  3. Curb appeal is your 24/7 storefront.

    Curb appeal (the condition of your house from the outside) is not just important on the day of an open house but every day. You never know when potential buyers might be driving by to decide whether your house is worth touring.

  4. Create a shuffle-duffle bag for the main rooms in your house.

    This handy bag contains quick cleaning supplies and is a great place for you to throw unopened mail and the kid’s toys before a showing. Being able to do a quick pick-up keeps the showcase appearance throughout the selling process.

  5. Get out.

    All household members need to leave the premises before an open house — including your pets and all signs of them.

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