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The efficiency of Facebook in communicating a message to a group of people with a few minutes invested is second to none. The advantage of Facebook is that friends and family, many who are long distances away, can experience your life through posts, pictures, and videos. The communication cycle is reduced by Facebook. The response cycle is reduced and response numbers increased. This creates a large time savings.

In business, Facebook has the capability to shrink the time in the communication cycle as well. You can post a white paper, e-book, or video that can be of value to your clients and customers. This helps position your stature as an expert, brings value to your client base, and can even upsell or cross-sell new products and services that you launch.

Additionally, Facebook can open your customers and clients to you as a person by giving them a window into your world at home or through outside interests. When they see you’re a dad who focuses on his children, or you took a trip to hike the Pacific Trail, or you passed a marriage milestone, they get to know more about you and the trust in your relationship is enhanced.

Your clients connect to you through common interests and thoughts. In sales, this is called building rapport, and Facebook creates that opportunity.

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